January 2020, Main building terasse

The thatched roof of the big terasse was completed successfully.

December 2019, Main building construction

During second half of 2019 we have constructed 3-storey main building. It was our biggest project so far. We are going to finish this building soon and start our business operation as a guest house.

September 2018, Fruits are growing

Our garden starts to produce its first fruits. Four papaya fruits just grew ripe and banana started its first (and last) blossom.

July 2018, New private road

We have built a new tarmac road within our premises. We have used JCB machine and couple of trucks bringing the material called "boralu". The JCB maching also move several palmyrah trees.

February 2018, Organic agriculture project

The organic agriculture project run with local farmer came into first harvest already. Now, second seedlings of reddish and cabbage are growing on nearly half acre. It is great to watch how it grows day by day.

October 2017, New entrance gate is finished

We have successfully finished the construction of the main gate. Strong stone pillars hold iron gate and all is covered with polatu (coconut leaves) roof.

We have made an agreement with local farmer which have cleaned our land and takes care of all the coconut palm trees and he is also developing new farming project.

September 2017, New entrance gate and improved treehouse

We have added new the railing of our treehouse which also got new walls made of "polatu" (coconut leaves). Our family was living in the treehouse for one week and we really enjoyed the view and bird voices.

During September we are working hard on the new entrance which will be available soon.

August 2017, New bathroom and kitchen

We have moved forward in August 2017 towards our future plans significantly. We finally completed the house interiour, bathroom with toilet and kitchen. This enables us to stay within our property now. Thanks to our new cooking lady we have also enjoyed great srilankan home food prepared in the new kitchen.

February 2017, 20 New trees

Together with the construction in February of 2017 we have planted over 20 new coconut palm trees, mango tree, orange tree and several other plants.

February 2017, First buildings

Wihthin February of 2017 we have constructed first buildings to enable us using our property fully. Major construction is the Sri Lanka first plastic bottle house built with 5.000 plastic bottles. You can watch the video of this unique construction .

October 2016, Land purchased and fenced

After two years of paperwork we have finally purchased our land for our future dream home. Immediatelly after that we did our first construction - the fence.

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